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Concrete Polishing

Commercial Concrete Polishing Contractors New Orleans

When you choose concrete polishing New Orleans you are on the leading edge of environmental stewardship. Because of the reflective and thermal mass properties of polished concrete floors, you can realize lower energy expenses for lighting and heating your facility.

Also, polished concrete is permanent and has a natural look once it’s installed. And it’s sustainable and may contribute points for a LEED certification. So go ahead and go green! You can rely on the Extraordinary Flooring concrete polishing contractors as part of your environmental stewardship strategy. Consequently, you will enjoy the added benefits of long-term savings with a great-looking polished floor.

Explore the Benefits that Commercial Concrete Polishing Offer

Industry estimates show that polished concrete installations account for 15-20% of new flooring systems every year. However, you may be wondering why companies choose polished concrete for their commercial flowing needs. The benefits below are some top reasons:

  • Appropriate for new and old concrete
  • Stain-resistant
  • Increased slip resistance
  • Lower maintenance with long-term savings
  • Cost-effective
  • Dust-free and easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Improved ambient lighting
  • Range of sheen levels, colors, and aggregate exposure

From big retail enterprises to warehouses and more, concrete polishing provides an excellent flooring solution. Also, the polishing process eliminates the cost of demolition, removal, and disposal of existing floors. Plus, the materials used in our polishing systems are VOC compliant. That means there are no solvents or continued “gas off” that are common with carpet and tile.

What to Expect: The Concrete Polishing Process

During concrete polishing, we couple diamond grinding equipment with liquid chemical densifiers with expert grinding techniques. The installation is performed on the original concrete surface with the following steps:

  • A series of metal and resin bond diamond grinding steps remove all the scratches, stains, and light coatings.
  • A protective sealer application hardens and densifies the concrete
  • The polishing process provides a permanent glossy shine that ranges from low to high

If you are ready to start exploring the options for your next commercial flooring project, contact  Extraordinary Flooring to schedule a consultation. We are a top New Orleans concrete polishing contractor of choice for businesses large and small.